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Testimony of impact from one of our students at Dream Again Academy.

Dream Again Impact!
A platform that actually got me dreaming again in prison.

While in Prison, I came in contact with a platform; I call it a platform because it is a ‘raised stage where people find ways to dream again my own definition though.

Being a student of Dream Again actually helped me in ways I cannot count. Time and space may not permit me but I will try to do justice for the sole purpose of this piece.

Dream Again helped keep me mentally and psychologically sound throughout my stay in prison. As a political prisoner, the teachings were to my mind what blood is to my body and life. I didn’t even know I was in jail despite spending 162 days for simply asking the system for justice and equity.

In prison I rediscovered my self- all thanks to dream again. Dream Again taught me forgiveness and the need to move ahead, putting what has happened behind me.

The teachings healed me, to the extent that the moment I decided to forgive, I began to experience real peace and joy despite the terrible living condition in the prison.

At graduation, I was issued a certificate which I hold dearly and will forever cherished.

Lots of young people have found hope and are now dreaming again all thanks to Dream Again Prison Academy.

S.K is a freelance Journalist, an activist and a former inmate and student of Dream Again Prison Academy Kaduna.

Our goal at Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation is always to serve and impact our students in jail to constructively utilise their time and energy while in incarceration to add value to them, this way we are curbing recidivism and preparing our students for effective social reintegration towards becoming productive members of the society.


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