Success Story From Our Student Who Started A Business That Cater For His Family After Being Incarcerated


Effective social re-integration is one of the surest ways to curb recidivism among excons.

As an organisation Dream Again Correctional & Youth Initiative has over the years work in line with its vision towards ensuring a drastic positive change in the number of re-offending.

To achieve this, today our country coordinator Bashiru Adamu paid a visit to one of our students, this visit was necessary after a series of phone mentorship and encouragement.

Moved by the situation on the ground, the step the student and his wife have taken to earn a decent living by producing a palace hand fan, a craft he learned while in incarceration.

After listening to the student emotional story of struggles and some milestones, we gave him some fund to boost his business to buy machine in few months, with this, he will be able to do massive production of his craft within short time that is currently in high demand by an Embassy and ministry of art and culture.

The potentials within the walls of our prisons are what drive us to do what we do towards serving the inmates to become a better version of who they are.

We believe

“When we educate and train a prisoner, we are making society safer and better for all”



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