A Charming and Heartwarming Encomiums: From our Students in Prison

As I walk and work in the prisons in Nigeria, I see potentials, I see solutions to human problem caged, I see time and energy that can be converted into products and service, I also see windows with bars, long fences and constant present prison officers watching over the inmates to prevent them from escaping.

Can they escape, what will happen if they are apprehended once an attempt for escape is made, is physical escape not dangerous to their lives.

In other to help them escape from what I called the “imprisonment of the mind” Dream Again Prison & Youth Foundation has been educating and training inmates in Otukpo prisons to help them utilize their time and energy in adding value to themselves so that when release they can be useful to themselves and the society at large

We believe that when we “Educate and train a prisoner, we are making the society better and safer”

Here are some heartwarming and praises from our Dream Again Students in Otukpo Prison, Benue State Nigeria.

Awodi O.C said “Through the help of Dream Again, the whole number of my cell-mate are being positive in their dealings”

Thank God U “Dream Again has made me to be the arrow shoot of the world”

Ofuh M.A ” The Academy has made me to live a life of purpose, through Dream Again I discover my purpose”.

T.A ” Dream Again Academy has awaken me up despite my illiterate level, now I know am more valuable than crime”

A.U “Dream Again has help me to realize my God given potential and the need to go back to school”

O.A “By the help of Dream Again, now I believe in myself more than ever before”

S.E “In a short while Dream Again has made me to believe in my dream for the ministry of the gospel”

E.O “If not for Dream Again I will never discover my myself, the foundation makes me to believe everything is possible”

F.N.P “Dream Again has made me to discover that I am not a convict but a transformer”

J.S “Before now I was a bad boy, but Dream Again has transformed me to a good person”

S.I “Formerly I was living a life of a self-centered person but Dream Again made me realize that the life we live for others is the rent we pay on earth”

P.A “Dream Again Academy has made me to discover myself through the world of books”

S.O “The Academy has help me to write off excuses for failure and be optimistic in life”

Inas.J.O “Before now I was a person full of social vices and crime committed, but Dream Again Academy has break me, re-mold me, rebuild me and transform me to a person of positive mental attitude and also made me realize am much more valuable than crime”

B.J “I was living a purposeless life before, but through the help of Dream Again I have discovered my musical talent”

A.O. As a timid child and an illiterate person Dream Again has illuminated my world

The man I respect so much:

Mahatma Gandhi said;
You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

If they succeed in imprisoning the mind of the prisoners via incarceration instead of creating facilities and avenue within the prison that will not duck the prisoner potentials and dreams, then the purpose of imprisonment is not been achieve.

Knowing fully well that mind imprisonment is worse than physical prison, me and my team have embarked on a journey and we are serving as the catalyst for prisoners to escape the imprisonment of the mind while in incarceration.

We are committed to make our society a better place.



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