The slogan:

We believe in power of affirmation, and we do believe that there’s a need for us as humans to continuously affirm ourselves in the positive.
So we came up with this slogan for our Dream Again Academy students. Our goal for saying this is that “We want each one of our students to come to the realization that we have within us is a vision, a call or what some folks call a higher purpose. With this realization in view, crime can’t be an option. 
The higher purpose or vision is what each and every human being has, none is greater than any but uniquely gifted”. Pursuing this vision from within you is more fulfilling than any temporary gains from criminal activity, so we say “No to crime, yes to vision, Yes to vision and no to crime”

No Reason is good enough for engaging in crime:

There are different reasons why people get into crime, for some it could be as result of poverty, lack of education, low self-esteem and for others, peer pressure or indecision etc.
With all the above-mentioned reasons to commit crime, which I call “Excuses”, there are folks who are poorer, folks who lack any type of education, folks with low self-esteem, folks pressed around by peer pressure, yet they would never consider crime as an option. 

Some of them don’t even understand what a vision or a higher purpose is about yet their values will not allow them consider crime as an option. So why you?  And why crime? What is the benefit of inflicting another person with painful and negative memory just because you want to gain something of value from him or her? Have you considered that you could actually work legitimately towards having your own things of value? Besides, there is great dignity in labour.
There are people who are disadvantaged in life and are affected by one or more reasons why some people get into crime. However, they will not consider crime because of the great future they can envision, their values and the decisions not to be involve in crime as a means of livelihood.  It’s their CHOICE!!! You have a choice.

When we say “No to crime, Yes to vision” it’s an awakening that needs to be registered in the subconscious of our students that their vision is expensive and more valuable than any crime. It’s our conscious effort to birth a realisation in our students that as individuals, each one of us is more powerful beyond measure; according to Marrian Williamson, it’s now our choice to decide what to do with our lives.
What we share, What we teach, What we demonstrate, What we give, and What we say at @Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation is to empower our friends in incarceration to come to this realisation that they have a vision within them and their life is more valuable than crime.

Bashiru Oyahkilome Adamu
Country Coordinator Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation 



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