Antony Woon Kei, Pang

Hong Kong
September 25, 2021

It has been eight years when I first meet Bash in kanthari, Trivandrum, India (2013). He is such a young person with powerful “hope, faith and enthusiasm.” His never stopping passion for prison work Impress me so much that I become a super fan of Dream Again Prison & Youth Foundation from 11,321 km away. The journey of Bash and Dream Again Is legendry to me. Every time when I invite Bash to be a guest lecturer in my Master degree class at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (via the internet across this 10,000+km away), all students are stunned by his passion, energy and live stories. The word “Imprisonment” always reminds me of the importance that all of us can always be locked up by a prison in our own minds. It’s always how we follow our heart, faith, trust and passion to break through barriers.

Let me take the liberty to write my learning in “traditional Chinese word:


“Everyone can free himself from mental prison”