Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation and Jela’s Development Initiatives Collaborate to Empower Inmates at Kuje Medium Security Custodian Center

The Dream Again Academy took the students at Kuje Correctional Center on a journey of community building, starting with self and moving towards their immediate environment. Our students worked in groups to come up with solutions and ideas for a better community.

We believe in creating a new culture and community within the walls of the prison that will positively impact the effective reintegration of our students into society. When our students become reintegrated, we want them to use the skills and knowledge gained to build better communities.

Our guest speaker, Angela Omeiza Ochu-Baiye, the founder of Jela’s Development Initiatives, shared inspiring insights on “Carry Your Shame with Pride”. Both sessions were impactful and truly amazing.

Watching our facilitators share with our students was a humbling experience and a reminder of the hope, dreams, and courage that our academy is giving birth to.

Our mission is to make society safer and better for all by educating and training prisoners. Support our cause and visit our website at dreamagain.org.ng.

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