We Are A Non Profit Organization

The DREAM AGAIN initiative began precisely in 2012 with the establishment of the first functional library in Otukpo prison, Benue state, Nigeria, West Africa. The target was 5000 books for every library the organization establishes for each prison across Nigeria, and later beyond. After successfully completing the first library setup, the organization was officially registered with the corporate affairs of Nigeria in 2014.

Since then, we have continued to convert prisons into places of potential and self-discovery, empowering the prisoners to believe in their human worth and dignity and to informally educate themselves while they are doing their time. This is with the ultimate goal to reduce recidivism and the overall rate of crime in society.

What We Do

We promote prison systems where the primary purpose is rehabilitation and not retribution. We then encourage and support the development of programs that enhance effective rehabilitation and preparation for release of inmates.  These are aimed at reducing and, if possible, preventing re-offending, thereby protecting society and rebuilding lives. Our advocacy also covers penal policies that focus on rehabilitation and reintegration of affected persons. We continually seek partnership of individuals and organizations to expand our reach.

From Prison to organic Farmer/Manager

Here’s the story of our student aftercare service for ex-con C.E.P., who had spent over six years in prison both in Makurdi and in Otukpo.

He joined the Dream Again Academy in 2012. His passion for learning and his leadership traits while in prison made him to rise to the post of Dream Again Secretary until his release from prison. As a leader of the foundation among his peers, he helped in coordinating other students (prisoners) for sessions, taking attendance and ensuring they were well- behaved. Upon his liberation, C.E.P. showed great interest in agriculture and its value chain; so, in order to help him become a professional farmer, Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation secured sponsorship for him to study Organic Farming and Green House Construction in Saki, Oyo State. He also learnt local manure production. He has since graduated, gained experience as a farm manager in Abeokuta, Ogun State and now runs his own business on the platform of his registered company.