Roseanne Lasater

Roseanne Lasater

I retired as a corrections specialist with Washington State Department of Corrections in 2014. From 1986-88, I served as a community corrections officer in Oregon, where I was Lead Pre-sentence Investigator for the Superior Court.

In Washington, I served as Unit Assignment Officer, Disciplinary Hearings Officer, Warrant Officer, Training Specialist, Master Trainer, Risk Assessment Specialist and Prison Supervisor.

Research has demonstrated what experience showed me: education is by far the best correctional investment. Moreover, we know that former inmates who succeed express a shift in identity. Who they are for themselves has altered. Who they

will be for the community only remains to be seen.

I believe Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation is doing ground-breaking work with inmates. Since my first contact with the program, I’ve stood solidly behind it. I’m honored to be a part of this exceptional work.

During my tenure in Washington, I graduated summa cum laude with departmental honours from Hunter College CUNY in 1974. I grew up in New York City. I’m married. I have three children and 3 grandchildren (with one on the way)!